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Matt Risinger and his team recently built a house in the Austin, Texas area using Builders FirstSource’s READY-FRAME® technology, and it was featured on an episode of The Build Show.

The recent headwinds in the housing market have many flashing back to the crisis in 2008. but there are several important differences between what is happening now and what happened then.

Whether you’re using new materials or the same types of siding people have used for decades, you can build something fitting the latest contemporary styles.
Historic buildings yearn for preservation. Some need a little restoration and remodeling, while others are being rehabilitated for a new purpose.
Veterans are an important part of the Builders FirstSource team. We're proud to work with members of the military community at every level of our organization from coast to coast.

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to help battle inflation. What does that mean for the building industry?


Millennials are reaching the age where they're buying larger houses. What does that mean for the housing market, and how are builders responding?


Enhancing outdoor spaces is a big trend in home remodeling, and more and more people are choosing composite decking due to its versatility, simplicity, and increasing design options.


We're is proud to include thousands of talented women across the country among our team members. For Women in Construction week, we asked for nominations to highlight some of the best. We received hundreds of nominations, so it was tough to pick only a few, but here are some of the best you can expect to work with at Builders FirstSource.

What are homeowners doing to improve their homes heading into 2022? We talked to designers, analyzed surveys and other data to see what’s important to people as we venture into the new year.
According to the latest industry data, new home sales are a strength but supply issues persist.
The supply chain remains a problem for the building industry, forcing companies to adjust and innovate to remain efficient.