Our manufactured components will help save both money and time on the jobsite. Our prefabricated wall panels, lateral systems, and exclusive READY-FRAME® framing packages provide a strong, efficient foundation for your new construction projects.


A strong foundation is key to a long-lasting building. Our lateral systems ensure that your project starts off right. Our bracing, straps and shear walls by the toughest brands in the industry will add strength when increased lateral resistance is required.

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Framing with components is an efficient solution for builders. Systems are designed to lower cost while adding value to the process. Wall panels, floor trusses and roof trusses are manufactured in accordance with the TPI standards and certified by the SBCA.

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READY-FRAME® is our pre-cut framing package that makes framing better, faster, safer, and greener. You give us your plans, and we cut everything you need, just how you need it. The READY-FRAME® system ships from our offsite manufacturing facility smart-bundled, compact, pre-cut and labeled ready for your framers to assemble on the jobsite.

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